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From the womb of four mothers, there came five brothers of the same spirit, the spirit to live high. We bonded with our mischievous ways and the family began to grow. From the full throttle take offs to the no return jumps, our spirits were high with a feeling we could not deny.  From that energy TooHighCrew was born.  Soon after, the  origins DVD ” the way we roll” was created and things rolled on from there.  Through our journey we have extended our family tree, growing stronger with every new limb.  Life has pushed and pulled in many directions over the years, but the need to push the limits has kept the crew true. TooHighCrew has exploded across the Mornington Peninsula and beyond. Our quality and unique style has reached out to many different scenes.  From freestyle to wingsuits and BASE, we have it locked down. Our path has  lead to great highs.

TooHighCrew is for people that live life to its fullest. With lots of clothing and many different designs, if you live life high, TooHighCrew is for you.